About Comlyn

Comlyn is a Danish company with a unique focus on European Price Comparison. The company of Comlyn has been active for the past 16 years, forwarding large amounts of quality traffic to thousands of merchants.

Comlyn is a Comparison Shopping Service Partner (CSS) of Google, providing the most transparant and effective solution available. Read more about our Merchant, Agency and Media CSS Solutions here.

Premium CSS Partner

2002 - 2008

Focus on travel

The company was established back in 2002.

In 2006 we launched a travel comparison site in association with JP/Politikens Hus, one of Denmark's leading media companies in printed, digital and mobile publications.

The platform and activity with focus on travel was acquired by Travelmarket in 2008.


2008 -

Focus on products

Our focus shifted away from travel towards products, initially with sites covering the Scandinavian markets.


2013 - 2017


PricePlanet was launched as a price comparison service available in 11 European countries. PricePlanet helped more than 8 million users yearly finding great deals online.PricePlanet



Featured as 'Grow with Google' Story

Google picked us as a Story case for "Grow with Google".

"PricePlanet gets 2.3 million clicks in less than a year"
Read More at Google



Launching Cobiro

In 2016 the company laid the foundation for the spin-of company known as Cobiro.

Cobiro has gained a massive traction, helping thousands of businesses becoming successful with Google Advertising. A service powered by a proprietary market-leading AI and Automation setup. Cobiro Comparison Shopping Services
Read More at Cobiro



Rebranding the Company

A new name was chosen as our future name and brand, unifying the activities and platform under one identity, Comlyn Comlyn



Google CSS Partner

Comlyn became a Google CSS Partner, offering the most attractive CSS setup.

We are capable of offering merchants access to the attractive CSS setup including discount on Google Shopping Ads and the SpendMatch credits. CSS Partner Read More at Google



Our Focus

The idea behind Comlyn is simple; we want to give you as the consumer a fast and easy way to find the best online deals and prices.

Our service provides you with an overview and comparison of price and products in one place. We provide the links so that you can purchase directly from the respective online stores, but are not part of your transaction. Comlyn is an independent search engine that will help you find the best online deals and stores where you can safely shop.

We are working to include all serious and credible online stores with all their offerings in order to provide you with the best possible overview of prices and products. If you think we are missing a particular store that will make our services even better, feel free to bring it to our attention or contact the relevant store.

Our vision is to become the best comparison site on the web, with a service that easily, quickly, and effectively links our users to the best deals on the web.

Our Passion

We love shopping and especially the exciting opportunities the Internet has given us. We are passionate about technology, and want to make a difference by testing new technologies and platforms in order to provide you with the best possible services.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. We’d love to hear from you if you think we are missing something, or if our services are not quite working as intended, or, if you have suggestions as to how we can make our site even better. Of course we’d also love to hear from you if you are pleased with our services.

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